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Eureka The Boss

Eureka The Boss


The Eureka 'The Boss' 1934B vacuum cleaner is an ideal lightweight model for covering wall-to-wall carpeted areas. It is powered by a 5 amp motor which ensures deep cleaning and powerful suction. It has an adjustable height feature makes it ideal for all carpet types to better suit your carpet needs. Its lightweight design enables easier maneuverability. Weighing only 10.4 pounds, this lightweight vacuum can be transported from one room to another with ease. The Eureka Boss has a sleek style. The compact upright vacuum can be stored in tight spaces. It can fit in narrow spots and does not take up much room thereby making storage an easy process. The unique feature about this upright vacuum is that it has a large dust bag. Now you don't have to change your vacuum bags routinely as the Eureka 1934B comes with an extra-large 11 quart dust bag that will eliminate the need to stop mid-job. Ideal for vacuuming quickly and efficiently. Powered by a 5 amp maintenance free motor, the Eureka Boss 1934B eliminates the hassle and stress of routine maintenance checks with an upright vacuum cleaner that combines power and ease. Equipped with a 20 feet long cord and a 13 inch wide cleaning path, this vacuum covers a wide space while cleaning. Titanium Grey.

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