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10" Electric String Trimmer

10" Electric String Trimmer


Sun Joe TRJ609E Trimmer Joe 3-Amp Electric Grass Trimmer, 9.45-Inch. Weighing only 3.3-Pounds, Trimmer Joe is super lightweight and features an ergonomic handle to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during use. Its compact design makes it ideal for cutting grass in tight spaces especially around small yards, townhouse lots, patio, stones, flower beds and walkways. Powered electrically, Trimmer Joe starts instantly and reliably with the push of a button without having to mess with gas or oil or worry about maintenance, tune-ups or toxic emissions. Lightweight and compact - only 2.8 lbs. Powerful 2.5-amp motor cuts a 10-inch swath in one pass. Instant start - TRJ607E powers up with the push of a button. Ergonomic handle maximizes comfort and minimizes wrist fatigue. Bump feed spool advances cutting string as needed. Green.

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